Private HD Sessions + Creative By Design

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$44 per HD Session


An introduction to your unique design blueprint.

Zoom or Google Meet

• Learn about your aura Type, Inner Authority, & Strategy for natural decision-making

• Explore your recurring patterns

• Better understand how you’re uniquely designed to work & create

$144 HD Session + Report


An introduction to your unique design blueprint. And a Creative By Design report, with detailed written insights on the most creative aspects of your human design chart.

Zoom or Google Meet

• Learn about your aura Type, Inner Authority, & Strategy for natural decision-making

• Explore your recurring patterns

• Better understand how you’re uniquely designed to work & create

Q: What happens in a human design session?

Creative human design sessions are a highly personalized way to gain greater self-awareness. A 1:1 session provides you with personal insights into your unique blueprint—including information to help you follow your unique inner authority and strategy for decision-making. During your session, we’ll also explore recurring patterns that might impact your life and work. And hopefully help you gain a better understanding of how you are uniquely designed to create and express yourself. The goal of a creative-focused HD Session is to help provide a new perspective how you might make decisions that feel more aligned with your creative purpose and values. And help you develop an effective and empowered creative process so you you can start expressing yourself AND creating more authentically.

Q: How can knowing more about my unique design/blueprint benefit my creative projects?

Knowing more about your unique design can help you approach creative projects in a new way that maximizes your creative energy in a productive way and AND allows you to create with greater ease and confidence. By recognizing your individual strengths and possible recurring patterns of resistance, Human Design can help you make more creatively aligned decisions; focus on the work that comes naturally to you; and help you develop creative projects that are representative and reflective of who you are.

Q: Where should I begin with my human design experiment?

A great starting point for your personal Human Design experiment is to get familiar with the basics of your chart, such as your Aura Type, Inner Authority, and Strategy. This will help you identify how you’re innately wired—what motivates you, and how you might make more aligned creative decisions. Additionally, exploring recurring patterns can offer deeper insight into how your design impacts the unique way you’re meant to work and create in the world.

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Ready to Build YOUR Brand?

Spark a New Idea!

Are you looking to build an authentic personal brand that reflects your unique style, strengths, and voice?

Do you want to infuse your work with the essence of YOU and create authentic graphics for your business or brand?

If so, this mini-workshop will offer some fun, new creative tools & processes!

In this 1-hour, interactive and easy-to-follow work & playshop, you’ll learn how to use your own handwriting and doodles to make your unique mark on your brand.

You’ll discover the value of your own writing and explore your personal style, while building your creative confidence in the process.

This lunchtime workshop offers a quick, guided way to explore tools, techniques, colors, & textures to create something truly unique for your personal brand!

By the end of the workshop, you'll have a clear understanding of the steps & tools to help you make a unique mark on your brand.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The value of your own handwriting & doodles for building your personal brand
  • How to find your personal style & build creative confidence
  • Techniques for creating, capturing, & implementing your hand drawn graphics
  • Tips for using colors, textures, & other tools to create a unique look & feel for your brand

Don't miss this opportunity to learn how to make your distinct mark on your brand with “Making Marks” mini-workshop.

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11AM - 12:00PM CENTRAL, 

Tuesdays through summer


Small group classes & downloadable PDF workbook

Work + Playshop
Tuesdays from 11AM - 12PM CST
via ZOOM
1 hour of focused creation
guided exercises & creative prompts
design tips for creating unique and authentic visual identity for your brand
BONUS: downloadable PDF workbook


  • You’ll need access to a device with internet connection & a Zoom account
  • Paper: You can use any kind of paper you like, so experiment with various textures and weights. Tracing paper might especially be helpful!
  • Pens: Gather a varied selection of pens with a range of nib sizes, colors, and styles to experiment with—try playing with fine-liners, brush pens, gel pens, crayons, chunky markers, and/or metallic pens.
  • Paints: Acrylic or watercolor paints are great options for adding color to your designs. You can use a basic set of colors or choose a specific palette that reflects your brand.
  • Brushes: Experiment with your brushes (or fingers)! A range of sizes and shapes will give you the most versatility when it comes to creating your designs and painting text, backgrounds, or icons & other graphics.
  • Ink, etc. If you prefer to work with ink, grab a bottle of black ink & a selection of nibs, or try your hand at charcoal! Pastels! Crayons! There’s no limit.
  • Bring your ideas & imagination. 🙂

Optional items:

  • iPad or other tablet: If you prefer to work digitally, an iPad or other tablet can be a great option. You can use apps like Procreate or Adobe Illustrator to create your sketches.
  • Stylus: If you're working on an iPad or tablet, you might want to work with a stylus. There are many options available, from basic models to more advanced versions that offer pressure sensitivity and advanced features.

Note: These are just suggestions and ideas!

Please don’t purchase everything on the list. 🙂 Bring whatever you have, & feel free to get creative with the supplies you gather and choose to use!

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